By State Senator Cary L. Smith, R-Billings SD27

Special to Little Big Town MT

Recetnly I innerdooced a bill in the Montana legislator LC546  to arm and unnyform a Montana State Milisha. A lot of fokes is mad at me but they shudn’t be.

The milisha will only be called to defend Montanans in case of Mooslums or Meksikins. The ordernary Montaner guy or gal will prolly never have to serve. Only a libtard wuld object to defending his er her home and famly!!!!!!

Fokes is mostly mad that I want taxpayar munny to buy the unnyforms. Don’t lekchur ME about munney! This is about GUNS and why God$-feerin handsome gents like me PROTEK MY FAMLY!!!!!!

Unnyforms you need to hep you know who your frend er ennyme is. Who is Abner and who is Abdool can be clear impoortunt in the smoke & haze & noize of battul. I know, I bin thar menny times. In my past lifes I was a soljer in the Roamin armies, a meedevil night with a big damn ol’ shinny sward, a rascally Brigtish fightin lord fightin the Frenchies at Watterloo whilst fondling them Frenchy frawlines, and yes, even a US Calvryman under that idjit Genral Geo. Custer. [It took Crazy Horse hisseff to clim down off his ponny to whup me!!! Mebbe I’ll tell that storry later.]

Well ennyway to sum up short I think most Montanens support more fellers like me with GUNS!!!! Like I said, I rekon we wuld only be calt on to fight Mooslums or Meksicans. SEMPUR FIGT!