The Coward Ryan Zinke

The Coward Ryan Zinke

zinke armed

Nice try, but is that your rifle or is that your gun?

by Lance Grider

Montana’s only Congressman, Rep. Ryan Zinke, is such a coward he’s disgusting.

Donald “John” Trump is a draft dodger, a liar, a crook, a scam artist, and a mentally ill racist who wants to plunge America into a race war and that’s why we all love him.

But Congressman Ryan Zinke hides behind being a “Navy SEAL,” as if being a trained killer is something to brag about. Big deal, it really isn’t anything special you know. It doesn’t compare to the experiences of Donald “John” Trump.

Back in the 1970s Donald “John” Trump went to Studio 54 where he put his tiny tiny micro wiener into fabulous international models like Bianca Jagger and Brooke Shields. He risked getting venereal disease from these skanks, but what has Ryan Zinke ever risked with his penis? Has he ever put his health at risk by getting laid? No!

But now Ryan Zinke comes crawling to Donald “John” Trump and begs him to be his leader, it’s pathetic.

Cadet Donald J. Trump

This is the uniform of a real military leader!

Donald “John” Trump has the balls, very tiny balls, below his very tiny penis, to say anything he wants. But when has Ryan Zinke ever talked about his penis? Do you think Ryan Zinke could crack nuts with his nuts? I don’t know, someone should ask him, it might be interesting to see.

Donald “John” Trump was willing to talk to women who could not carry on a normal conversation, like how happy they might be to play with Donald “John” Trump’s tiny tiny penis. Can Ryan Zinke match that? I doubt it, I bet his hero would be a military fraud like John McCain, who got tortured and beaten by the North Vietnamese Communists because he was stupid enough to join the US military. Loser.

But Ryan Zinke is still begging Donald “John” Trump to be his leader.

What a disgrace. What a disgrace to the Montana Republican Party, what a disgrace to Montana. Ryan Zinke should resign. He should resign and go to prison.

The Sick Dogs of Radical Islamic Terrorism

The Sick Dogs of Radical Islamic Terrorism

Two years ago, or three major terrorist attacks ago,  I wrote about what I thought motivated most ‘radical Islamic terrorists.’ For the recent atrocity in Orlando, the analysis still fits.

The book that best explains the rise of  “radical Islamic terrorists” wasn’t written 1,400 years ago. It was written 60 years ago by American philosopher Eric Hoffer.sad puppy

The book’s called The True Believer. Written in 1951, this classic text examines how society’s losers are attracted to mass movements. Mass movements allow lost individuals to redefine themselves.

Thanks to believing in a Cause, the loser is no longer a failed rap stara failed cop, or a failed security guard, they’re a mighty warrior. They’re fighting for a Cause. The Cause cleanses them, makes them new and real. They matter.

Are you a failed Viennese painter who has to live on the charity of kindly Jews? Well, Nazism has the key to personal success for you, Herr Hitler! Can’t make it in the movies or radio? Italian Fascism will give you a spiffy new uniform and handsome strut, Signore Mussolini!

The Cause allows a new morality, different from the believer’s old morality, which was what kept them back. Because the Cause has a New Morality, the Only Morality. It allows a “revaluation of all values,” as Crazy Fred Nietzsche might put it. That’s needed because everything today is corrupt and rotten. The whole thing has to be destroyed! “The radical and the reactionary loath the present,” Hoffer wrote.

This is true whether the cause is God (voted most popular), or the Cause is vaguely described as History. Either way, no action is too extreme, no unjustifiable act is unjustifiable. Lying is not lying. Killing is not murder.

After all, my enemy is on the side of the Devil. Lying to the Devil can’t be a bad thing, but a good thing. So when I lie to an Unbeliever I’m actually doing God’s work.

“Today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord,” Hitler wrote at the end of the second chapter in Mein Kampf.

Even the content of the Cause is largely irrelevant, Hoffer argued. Mussolini began as a Communist, then switched sides seeing the fascists were better organized. Hitler started out as a police spy against the Nazis. Stalin took training as an Orthodox Russian Church monk.

Not all mass movements are bad, Hoffer pointed out.  The American Revolution and the Indian Independence movement were also mass movements. So was the Labor Movement, the Women’s Movement, etc.

The sick dogs calling themselves Islamic radicals come from all countries and all walks of life. They are Muslims the same way Donald Trump is a Christian – by race or nationality. The only thing uniting these terrorists is not a sense of religious duty but a sense of inferiority, which they earned.