President Jackass Brags About Micro Penis



WARNING: Persons reading this article, or any other article critical of Our Dear Leader, may be subject to arrest.


We here at Little Big Town Montana have no problems admitting when we’ve lost. What’s harder to take is when your country is lost.

The real Donald J. Trump (RDJT) is a liar and a crook. President Jackass is a man without honor or morality. No dis, just fact.

Over the past year RDJT repeatedly confessed how annoyed he is by going to church. Preachers are always demanding he beg for God’s forgiveness. What for? He never does anything wrong.

People of authentic faith spot the error in that sentence immediately. It’s blasphemy, an out-of-fashion morality based on the antique notion that man is inferior to God and deserves a good smack when he pretends otherwise.

Yet of all the pundits, churchmen and journalists covering the campaign, only Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe recognized it as such. But he waved it along, another pokey puppy of slow-logicked RDJT. Ho hum. Most people who call themselves Christians nowadays are actually pretend Christians, so they failed to see the problem at all. I won’t name names, except for  Jerry Falwell Jr., Newt Gingrich, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Greg Gianforte.  Just a few.

But outside the theological sin of RDJT‘s casual confession there’s a big whopping psychological glitch, way more disturbing and substantial. It proves a mindset that believes itself incapable of error.

For five years RDJT spread the racist lie that Barack Obama was not born in the US and was a “scam” president. He shouted this lie gleefully until two months ago, when he decided it was no longer convenient. He gave no explanation why he changed his mind. That, after all, would remind folks he changed his mind.

Last November President Obama graciously invited RDJT to the White House. It was a perfect opportunity for a full mea culpa. But RDJT did not apologize. He has no honor. Apologizing, after all, is an act of atonement from one human being to another, an admission that I have wronged you, unjustly, and I seek forgiveness. RDJT would have to accept that he made a mistake.

RDJT does not make mistakes. Because RDJT believes he is a god, not a man.

Conservative godfather William F. Buckley warned of the dangers of solipsism. That’s a conceit where there’s no objective morality, the only focus of morality is Me, the individual. Who cares if a foreign dictator murders journalists? “We kill people too,” RDJT told Joe Scarborough with a shrug.

See? There’s no moral difference between Vladimir Putin or Kim Jung-Un or Adolf Hitler and any American president. Ten Commandments? If Satan says nice things about RDJT why shouldn’t he be nice in return?

We have handed control of the greatest military the world has ever known to an amoralist, a narcissist, a guy who cheats little kids.

No one knows what kind of a god would answer the prayers of RDJT, but when it pauses to scratch behind one of its four legs, perhaps it might accidentally loose a thunderbolt where it will help most.