Daines Uses More Government to Solve Veterans Problem

Congressman Steve Daines is once again bragging about how big government can solve problems for Americans.

In a current television ad, the Daines campaign touts the Tea Party candidate’s resourcefulness in using his political clout to get flags put on grave markers for veterans.

According to the ad, current Veterans Administration policy disallows anyone but family from putting a memorial on a grave in a veterans’ cemetery such as the Yellowstone County Veterans’ Cemetery.  Daines’ ad states that dead homeless veterans were thus being treated unjustly.

Daines claims he “successfully secured a commitment from the VA that this problem would be fixed” and even “cosponsored legislation to amend the new headstone policy, which was ultimately reversed by the VA last year.”

The ad makes no mention of anything Mr. Daines has or might do to help still-living homeless veterans.

Because that would take real leadership.

Daines Sues Dead Congressman for Voting Like Obama

Rep Steve Daines today sued former Montana Congressman Dennis Rehberg for voting to support President George Bush for exceeding his constitutional authority.

“Time and time again, the American people have seen President Bush, I mean president Obama, delay and change laws unilaterally — or fail to execute laws altogether. Our constitutional system of checks and balances not only protects the American people from government overreach — it ensures that Americans’ voices are heard in their government. It’s important that the constitutional separation of powers is upheld no matter who is in the White House,” repeated Daines in a logically incoherent statement given to him by his Republican Party bosses.

On Thursday Daines voted with his fellow radical Republicans to sue President Obama for making changes to the Affordable Care Act. In 2008, President George Bush made similar changes to the Medicare Plan B legislation, which went without objection by then-Montana Congressman Dennis Rehberg and other Republicans. But Daines refused to see any hypocrisy.

“Rehberg is dead. Bush is dead. Their voices don’t count anymore. Only the voice of the American people matters, just so long as they agree with me,” Daines said.

When it was pointed out that Rehberg and Bush are still alive, Daines confronted the objection with his usual patriotic evasion.

“Squirrel!” he cried, looking into the bushes.