“US Senate no place for perverts”

Roy Moore admires the graven image of the sacred laws he disobeyed to make people worship him

By Judge Roy Moore, go ‘BAMA


How come the good peeple of Montania permit a fagg to run for the sacred holler chambers of the United States Senate? It is no place for perverts!

Ya’ll should be ashamed. A grown man saying he is a fagg, advertising it where children recreate. I could not allow myself to sit next to such a man as Geesis does not allow it.

In the Bibel, Geesis throwed faggots into the fire but because I am a Kristchun I will not do so. I got me a gun so I will shoot him instead. Maybe just in his pecker become I am a Kristchun.

Let us prey,

Dear Geesis

Strike down this fagg feller. Make his testicals blow up so hugely large that a big old egg-sucking dog will yank ’em loose and stash ’em  way down underneeth the dog porch, never to be seed again. Make his pecker wither, O Lord, becoming so thin and narrer it fits outside his catheter. Make him holler and whistle each time he pees or even dreams about peeing. Afflict mine enemies, O Lord, for getting even is mine and thine. Git it done! In Geesis name we pray, amen.

Yellowstone County Judge Russell Fagg

I am a stupid but married man. As long as I have hate in my heart I can be useful to the rich and powerfull. Can you?

In Alabama we know how to take care of faggs. My granpappy did it with rope and fiery cross, but in these PC days we must shun such extreme if common sensical approaches. Yes, we are polite folk nowadays. Huh.

I been deer hunting in Montana many times. Deer, elk, moose, squaw. I liked the deers at Billings West High School the best. That is a joke.

I know there are good decent God$-fearing folk heer. The Petroleum Club in Billings was a favorite hail-fellow-well-met privilege when I was Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. The good old boys there was as warm as grits in a pan.

So what happent? When did the Montana freemen become sissy fagg-lovers? Barack Hussein Obama!

No sir, I may promise you, there will be no faggs or no fagg enabblers in a Donald Trump-Roy Moore America. Don’t Trump less – “Moore Trump in 2020!”

I am not stuppid.

In Geesis name,

‘Judge’ Roy Moore

“Satire makes the Nazis cry”