In Der Furor’s Face

(Apologies to Spike Jones)

When Der Furor says we make dis place da greats
We heil heil right in Der Furor’s face
Not to love Der Furor is a big disgrace
Yet we heil, heil, right in Der Furor’s face

When Huckababy says Der Furor is most greats
We heil, heil, right in Ms. Huckababy’s face

When Mr Tillerman says to Rocket Man we talk

But Der Furor says no no no no no

we bomb his stinky place

We heil heil right in Der Furor’s face

Is he not the superman, Queens New York superman?
Yup he is the superman (super duper Queenieman)

Is his GOP plan so great
Would you build it if you could
Yup his GOP land is good

We would build it if we had immigrant labor to do it

He brings America to great againness
Der Furor’s America is bestest best
Everyone of foreign race
Will love Der Furor’s face
When we line them up against the Wall