Resistance is Utile


Originally, Little Big Town MT presented opinion or satire about Billings, the biggest city in Montana (105,000 population officially, 150,000 traffic-wise), and the world beyond.

Then, on January 20, 2017, the Apocalypse arrived. Our beloved country was plunged into peril. Thanks to a perfect storm of activism by radical Republicans, Confederates, white supremacists, Facebook scalywags and ‘the usual gang of idiots’ we elected a complete nincompoop to the White House.

Assisted by the Citizens United ruling under the activist Roberts-Scalia Supreme Court, and meddling by the Soviet Union (oops, I mean Tzar Putin’s Russia), a mentally ill man seized the American Presidency.

Patriotism demands an answer and action from us all. Therefore, this site is re-dedicated to Truth, Justice and the American Way. That means challenging the biggest threat to our national security since 1861 — the occupation of our White House by a child-cheating amoral narcissistic pro-Russian Fuhrer. But let’s call him Der Furor instead. It’s pronounced the same and yet captures the bumbling fake leadership of this administration.

The things you read here are all true unless they are not. Kind of like the Bible or the Quran.  This is not a Fake News site. We do satire. So did Aristophanes and Racine and Shakespeare and Swift and Orwell and Huxley and Vonnegut and Brautigan and Dr. Seuss, and well, most anyone worth remembering.  It isn’t my job to teach anyone how to think. I only hope you think. ‘Reading between the lines’ is what reading is.

You’re a big person with a free will so you can figure out which is which. The only allowance we’ll make to today’s turmoil is that we’ll label satire as such.

Anyone looking for hard facts about Billings and the Yellowstone Valley, try Ed Kemmick’s Last Best News. If you want behind-the-scenes hard news and opinion about politics in Montana, try Montana Cowgirl or  Intelligent Discontent.

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