Satire makes the Nazis cry




In the beginning, Little Big Town Montana was  opinion or satire about Billings, the largest city in Montana (105,000 population officially, 150,000 traffic-wise), the state of Montana and the world.

Then January 20, 2017 happened. Thanks to a perfect storm of hate by anti-Christian Ayn Randians, confederates still fighting the war of Northern aggression, anarchists, neo-Nazis or ‘alt-rights’ doing their best to destroy American and Western civilization, ” the usual gang of idiots,” and the trained eye of the Soviet cyber intelligence army, a disaster was elected president by TKO. Our nation has been in daily peril ever since.

The heart of a patriot demands resolve. So we have hereby re-dedicated ourselves to Truth, Justice and the American Way. That means challenging the biggest threat to our national security since 1861 — the occupation of our White House by a child-cheating amoral narcissistic pro-Russian Fuhrer. But we’ll say Der Furor instead because it better captures the false spirit of this con artist.

This is not a Fake News site, but we believe in satire. Real conservatives defend satire, not just because it was invented by Western civilization about 2,500 years ago, but because it still works, it drains the logical swamp.

Aristophanes used satire against Socrates. Shakespeare used satire. Voltaire used satire. Mark Twain was a master. So were and are Kurt Vonnegut, Joseph Heller, Jon Stewart, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert.

Satire makes the Nazis cry.

Anyone looking for hard news about Billings and Montana, try the established corporate press sites, or the Last Best News. If you want behind-the-scenes hard news and opinion about politics in Montana, try Montana Cowgirl or  the Montana Post.

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