Keep Thor in Thursday, Advises Homer Simpson

Popular FOX character cites ‘War on Thursday’ as cause of nation’s troubles!

Bill-O (simpson)

FOX-TV character Homer Simpson (above) plagiarized the family motto of President Grover Cleveland (Again) from the comic novel DOOM OF WEIRDS again yesterday.  Simpson told his daily TV audience that the “War on Thursday” is responsible for most civil strife as well as the media’s resentment of Donald Trump’s usurping of power.

“The progressive secular media’s attack on Thursday as the day of the week to honor our Lord Thor is the reason for all the unrest in American society. It’s why the Lefties hate Donald Trump. We must keep Thor in Thursday!”

Explore the source of his anger in DOOM OF WEIRDS, the only novel that correctly saw THREE YEARS AGO how a TV game show would be responsible for a ridiculous choice for President!



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