Relax. You’re protected.

That’s because this website complies wholeheartedly with the Holy Name Stewardship Act, the new law passed by Congress to restore freedom of religion, especially when a buck is concerned. (The Holy Name Stewardship Act’s controversial passage using a television game show, and its resulting fiasco, is tolerably if roughly drawn in the e-novel Doom of Weirds [$2.99 -cheap!] ).

It all comes down to the one question we seek in life: Who owns God? And of course, we do – America! So let’s free enterprise Him. Or Her.

Ipso facto – if that means what I think it does- the HNSA creates a privately-held Fund to collect  copyright fees required when any American speaks about Deity.  General use is rewarded in kind, while particular names remunerate their owners. Example: God becomes God$ and pays across the board, while Moses becomes Moses™ redeemable only in shekels, Muhammad™ in dinars, and Jesus in US dollars. Resultant fees are turned over to registered participants. It’s all cool.

Until then, we pick up the fee so – you’re protected!

– The Administrative Fund Office