Did Trump Finally Fire Steve Bannon?

Der Furor Donald Trump and his  Svengoolie sycophant Steve Bannon

[Original Post August 13, 2017. UPDATE AUGUST 18, 2017]

If  President Donald Trump wants to distance himself from the atrocity in Charlottesville, he needs to fire “White House Chief Strategist” Steve Bannon.

And he did. Maybe.

It’s time the United States of America stops paying a Nazi who works for it’s destruction. But I’m surprised Trump did. While he isn’t a Nazi himself, he’s apt to overlook his sycophant’s sins. The white nationalists marching to defend the statue of Confederate slave-defender Robert E. Lee were Trump fans. And to Donald Trump, the only sin is not worshiping Donald Trump. Not maiming, not hating, not slavery, not even killing.

Yet there were “many sides” at fault in Charlottesville, figures Der Furor.  Any “side” that got killed or hurt shouldn’t have been there causing trouble for the Nazis. (This advice from Bannon, claim some.)

Once again, we witnessed the triumph of Trump’s will. There is no right or wrong outside the balloon soul of Donald Trump. Morality is a pin wielded by his enemies.

And as long as Nazis and white nationalists adore Der Furor, there is no harm, no foul. That’s the strategy of chiefly keeping the whites for the Trump White House.

However, even with Bannon exiting, expect more Charlottesvilles. They still consider the Bad-Comander-in-Chief their leader. After all, Der Furor still thinks there were “nice people” marching alongside the people shouting “We will not be replaced by the Jews.”

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