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(((Lance Grider))) graduated from the University of Montana with a degree in journalism. He has worked as a newspaper reporter and  editor, as well as a technical writer and editor, in Montana, South Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia. He is the author of one novel, Doom of Weirds  destined to be a best-seller ten years after he’s dead he should live so long.

In politics he is a conservative liberal, embracing all those values passed down from our revolutionary forebears, except for the ones that were wrong.

Primed by Dr. Seuss, Mr. Grider considers Joseph Heller, Kurt VonnegutRichard Brautigan, and John Lennon his inspiritors. They are entirely blameless for his work. You can toss Will Cuppy in there too.

Unless otherwise noted, Mr. Grider is the author of whatever you read on this site. You may praise him or razz him at

Resentment is fruitless, but Snoopnology is Peachy!